More than 10 thousand mercenaries from Russia fought for "DNR/LNR" fighters in 2014 - war correspondent Kotenok 06/17/2020 14:35:18. Total views 694. Views today — 0.

More than 10 thousand mercenaries from Russia fought against Ukraine in the east of Donbass in 2014-2015. This was told by Russian propagandist Yuriy Kotenok, commenting on the information that former leader of the "DNR" Alexander Borodai arrived in the Donbass to recruit mercenaries for the war in Libya.

"Comrades, where did the fable that Borodai is recruiting fighters in the PMC come from… This is bullshit, which Borodai himself denied in a one-on-one talk with me. He was in the "DNR" on other business", - Kotenok wrote on his Telegram.

"I will reveal a little secret: to recruit volunteers to for Maghreb and anywhere else, Borodai (if such a mission was assigned to him) and other authorized persons do not need to go to the Donbass. Over 10 thousand volunteers left the "LDNR" after Minsk to Russia and other CIS countries and are eager to make their efforts in the field of volunteerism. So there are no problems with their recruitment in Russia", - the Russian propagandist indirectly denied the Kremlin's official statements that Russian aggression in the Donbass, allegedly, is an intra-Ukrainian conflict.