Occupiers of "DNR" admit that the militant handed over to them by exchange fled to free territory of Ukraine 06/16/2020 15:31:22. Total views 596. Views today — 0.

A former participant in the exchange, handed over by Ukraine to the occupied part of Donetsk oblast, has escaped from the "DNR" to the controlled territory. This follows from a statement of calling herself the "human rights ombudsperson" Daria Morozova.

She tried to present the flight of Sergey Pastukhov, who was handed over to the territory of CADO in the framework of exchange of the persons held in December 2019, as an absurd coincidence.

Allegedly, "Pastukhov bathed in a pond near the village of Oleksandrivka. Having crossed the opposite bank, he found himself in the territory controlled by Ukraine, where he was detained and taken to the Kurakhove district police department".

Morozova accused the Ukrainian side of the alleged holding of the defector in the Mariupol pre-trial detention center by force. According to her, the exchange participants "have the right to cross the line of contact". Meanwhile, this permission does not apply to its intersection at an undisclosed location without passport control.