Swift opening of checkpoints in Donetsk oblast should not be expected 06/05/2020 16:10:00. Total views 653. Views today — 0.

The date of opening of entry-exit checkpoints in the Donetsk oblast is still unknown. Chairman of the Donetsk regional state administration Pavlo Kyrylenko said this at a briefing in Kramatorsk on June 5.

"I will not name the opening date. I am not a supporter of the checkpoints' opening. I can approach the situation judiciously after a detailed study of the situation, after weakening, after the statistics show an increase in the number of convalescences and the advantage of those who recover over the sick. Then we can talk about some change in the checkpoints' operation mode, namely the admission of groups of persons. We will explain the mode of how this will happen", - he said.

Pavlo Kyrylenko noted that he reports to the president, prime minister and relevant ministers on this issue twice a week.

At the moment, in particular, there is a problem regarding how children from the occupied territory will pass external independent testing for further admission to universities.

The head of the Donetsk Regional State Administration asked to respect the restrictions, since according to him, the opening of checkpoints could negate all the results of fight against the pandemic in the region.

"I know what I am talking about. The opening of checkpoints and the uncontrolled situation in the uncontrolled territory can have consequences without mentioning the second wave. The second wave can come now", - Pavlo Kyrylenko said.

It was earlier reported that the passage of people and vehicles through checkpoints in the Donetsk oblast was stopped from March 22 in order to prevent the spread of coronavirus. It is possible to cross the demarcation line having special grounds and supporting documents.