Occupation "court" arrests Ukrainian serviceman kidnapped in Crimea for a month 06/03/2020 15:13:09. Total views 776. Views today — 1.

The so-called "court" of Simferopol in the annexed Crimea has decided on Wednesday to take Ukrainian serviceman Yevhen Dobrynsky, who was detained by the Russians, allegedly for illegally crossing the "border" of the Russian Federation, into custody for 30 days. This is reported by Russian Interfax.

Dobrynsky will remain in custody until July 1.

As previously reported, the absence of Ukrainian soldier Yevhen Dobrynsky from the 95th Airborne Assault Brigade of the Ukrainian Armed Forces was discovered near the Chonhar Peninsula on May 30. Public relations chief of the AFU air assault forces command, Major Valentyn Shevchenko noted that according to preliminary information, he could have been abducted, because the traces of fight were found nearby the serviceman's location at this facility. "I want to note that special personnel involved in the service in this area carry weapons, ammunition and radio communication. Several servicemen were on duty at these military facilities. We want to say right away that the weapons and ammunition of this soldier are available" - he said.

Later, the FSB of the Russian Federation confirmed detention of the Ukrainian serviceman, having accused him of illegally crossing the "state border".

The U.S. Embassy in Ukraine is concerned about the detention of the Ukrainian soldier in the sovereign territory of Ukraine and calls on the Russian Federation to end the illegal occupation of the Crimea and aggression in the Donbass.