UAV of militants drops shell over JF positions near Hnutove: a soldier was wounded 06/01/2020 14:41:29. Total views 584. Views today — 0.

A Ukrainian soldier was injured as a result of shelling from an unmanned aerial vehicle of militants near Hnutove on June 1. This was reported by the Joint Forces' press center.

"Today, the Russian-occupation forces violated the ceasefire once again and fired on our defenders near the village of Hnutove. The enemy dropped a VOG-17 shot from the unmanned aerial vehicle over the Joint Forces", - the report said.

One Ukrainian soldier sustained shrapnel wounds as a result of the explosion. The fighter was taken to a medical institution, where he was provided with proper medical care.

The press center noted that such enemy actions did not go unpunished. Using the available firearms, the JFO units gave the occupiers an adequate response.