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In the area of ​​the Joint Forces Operation on May 25, the armed formations of the Russian Federation violated the ceasefire 8 times, using, among other things, 120 mm mortars forbidden to be placed on the contact line, - the JFO headquarters reported. There were no losses in the ranks of the Joint Forces as a result of the enemy shelling. Our soldiers opened aimed fire in response to the criminal actions of Russian occupiers. The occupiers ceased their activity due to the decisiveness and accuracy of the Joint Forces servicemen. Losses of the opponent are being specified. There were no cases of coronavirus infection among the Joint Forces personnel; situation in the area of the operation remains fully controlled by Ukrainian defenders.

Leader of the "DNR" Denis Pushilin stated that a large number of wounded who need blood transfusion may appear in the occupied part of Donetsk oblast. He said this, urging local residents to become donors. He and several other representatives of the occupation authorities pointedly donated blood and called for their example to be followed, since donor blood may be needed for a large number of wounded in the near future. The "DNR" leader admitted that after he announced bringing illegal armed formations into a maximum readiness condition, the situation could get out of control. "The situation is developing in the most unpredictable way… In our experience, we know that both the military and the civilian population may need blood. The blood bank needs to be replenished, now it is not in the best condition", - Pushilin stated, urging the population to actively donate blood.

Ex-deputy commander of the terrorist Prizrak Brigade Alexander Kostin ("August") was killed in a pre-trial detention center in occupied Luhansk. This was written in social network by calling himself "Cossack chieftain" A.Konkin. Later, another version of death of the "LNR" militant convicted of banditry appeared on the Insider Luhansk channel in Telegram. "August" was placed in solitary confinement because of quarantine. He was an unhealthy person - he had diabetes and received no treatment at his jail. According to reports, he recently had 2 heart attacks. He had another attack yesterday, as a result of which he died", - the report said. In February 2020, the "LNR" fake court sentenced deputy commander of the terrorist Prizrak Brigade Alexander Kostin ("August") to 14 years in prison for "serious crimes, including murder and infliction of grave bodily injuries, including to a woman and a child, grand robbery and hijacking of means of transport".

The fake "LNR Supreme Court" sentenced a resident of Luhansk oblast to 12 years in prison for popularizing the SBU program "They are waiting for you at home". This was reported in the press service of the so-called "LNR Prosecutor General's Office". It was noted that when leaving for Ukraine-controlled territory, the man living in the occupied part of Luhansk oblast was allegedly recruited by the SBU and charged with calling for former and current employees of the "LNR MIA" to stop terrorist activities and join the SBU program "They are waiting for you at home". It was reported that the "defendant" admitted to the charges. He was sentenced to 12 years in prison for "high treason". The surname of the "convict" is not called.

All media in the occupied Donbass are controlled by the FSB of Russia through the so-called "Ministry of State Security". This was reported to the Security Service of Ukraine by the former head of one of the propaganda channels of Horlivka, who left the "DNR". According to him, each channel, radio or publishing house has its own curator in the temporarily uncontrolled territories. Up until recently, these processes were led by Alexander Kazakov, a former adviser to Zakharchenko, who actually controlled all the power structures of the terrorists. All the media leaders and employees of the so-called "information ministry" are gathered at meetings held by Russians every month. Journalists are reminded that it is strictly forbidden to write about the real situation in the "republics". Closing mines, strikes, lack of money, rampant corruption and lawlessness is a taboo subject in CADLO. All materials must be approved by Russian curators in the "Ministry of Information of the DNR". Separatist media workers are sent to Rostov to upgrade their "qualifications". There, at the Don State Technical University, they study the methods of information warfare.

The so-called "DNR" recognized the eleventh death from COVID-19. This was reported by the so-called "Ministry of Health". "1 death was recorded from coronavirus infection over the past day - a man aged 58 years", - the report said. In total, there are 385 cases of COVID-19 recognized by the occupation authorities in the territory of the CADO as of May 25: 272 patients are under treatment, 102 people were discharged, 11 - died.

Occupation authorities of the "LNR" recognized 384 cases of coronavirus infection in the territory of Luhansk oblast, not controlled by Ukraine. This was stated in the so-called "Ministry of Health of the LNR". In total, there are 384 recorded and confirmed cases of COVID-19 infection in the territory of CALO as of May 9. 7 new cases of COVID-19 were recorded in CALO over the weekend.