"Brussels does not believe." Two months are left for Ukraine to implement reforms – Lutsenko 03/02/2016 22:36:36. Total views 996. Views today — 0.

Ukraine has got two weeks to form a new coalition and the government. This was written by PPB leader Yuriy Lutsenko on Facebook, commenting on the results of the meeting with the leaders of the European Parliament and the European Commission.

"Europe is shocked by a million of Syrian refugees. It’s not popular to speak about the visa-free regime for a country at war in such conditions. Dutch politicians require to stop all procedures before the completion of the referendum regarding the visa-free regime for Ukraine," - he said.

According to Lutsenko, European businesses are tired of sanctions against Russia and in the economic downturn supports Putin’s slogan "The sanctions affect not Putin but ordinary people."

"Corruption and oligarchy have not been overcome in Ukraine. It is impossible to agree on a strategy with the country where the government has lost support of the parliamentary majority," - said the statement.

"We have got two weeks to form a new coalition, a new technocratic government, voting for the amendment to the law. The government should eliminate all party and oligarchic clashed in the largest state-owned monopolies, to put an end to some individuals’ supervision at customs and take other visible anti-corruption steps," - said Lutsenko.

"Otherwise, it will be a fiasco. Brussels doesn’t belive," - he added.