The issue on granting visa liberalization to Ukraine will be considered separately from Georgia. Later 03/02/2016 21:30:14. Total views 1107. Views today — 1.

The issue on EU visa liberalization for Georgia will be considered separately from tUkraine. This was stated by the European Parliament rapporteur on Georgia Andres Mamykins, - reported Gruzia Online.

"I want to congratulate my favorite Georgian people. Issues on Georgia and Ukraine are formally separated and visa regime for your country will be considered separately. Although I hope that sooner or later Ukraine will have a visa-free access to the EU, as it is important for Ukrainians, Europeans, as well as for Georgia and Eastern partnership. The decision to consider the Georgia issue separately was made yesterday and will be published today or tomorrow, " - said Mamykins.

As previously reported, the decision of the European Commission on the abolition of visas for Ukrainians could be postponed due to the failure of the Verkhovna Rada to adopt necessary laws.