Occupiers of "DNR" report two children injured in uncontrolled territory 05/07/2020 17:40:30. Total views 1272. Views today — 0.

The "DNR" authorities state the injury of two children and two adults in the occupied territory of Donetsk oblast.

According to separatist media, the people were injured in Sakhanka.

"Two children (according to preliminary data, the boy injured an arm and a leg, the girl – a head and a leg) and two adult civilians were injured as a result of the shelling", - the report said.

The "DNR" propagandists preliminarily report that girl Nastia, born in 2006, has a moderate wound: a tangential in the head and the leg. Her brother is allegedly in a more serious condition - he was urgently taken to occupied Donetsk.

Militants groundlessly put the blame for shelling to the Ukrainian party.

As previously reported, on May 5, occupiers of the "DNR" had stated the injury of four civilians, including three children in occupied Oleksandrivka of the Donetsk oblast. The so-called "DNR MFA" accused the OSCE SMM of refusing to confirm the fact. The OSCE SMM, in turn, stated that the "DNR" militants had not allowed representatives of the OSCE SMM to receive additional information about the injuries of three children.