"We quarantined on time and we will end it on time". Premier criticizes those who require quarantine cancellation 04/29/2020 16:41:30. Total views 833. Views today — 1.

Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal has appealed to political forces not to urge Ukrainians to protest on the subject of weakening of the quarantine measures. He said this at the government meeting today, - correspondent of OstroV reports.

"Our government has received many appeals recently about the need to weaken quarantine. I want to appeal to all the Ukrainians, especially to the business representatives: if we have fewer patients compared to other countries, this is a merit of the quarantine measures", - he stated.

"We quarantined on time and we will end it on time, be sure of that. Those irresponsible calls to end it ahead of schedule put all the Ukrainians in danger. We understand when and what steps should be taken", - the prime minister noted.

He also told that the government would decide today to open food markets, but with certain restrictions.

In addition, according to the Prime Minister, the Cabinet of Ministers will make a decision in a week on new concessions for quarantine measures from May 11.

"This is predetermined. So I ask political forces and various influence groups not to manipulate these things, not to urge Ukrainians to protest, we will just get a new stage in the incidence increase. Quarantine will be weakened for sure, but if the number of sick Ukrainians does not increase", - Denys Shmyhal explained.

As previously reported, 9866 cases of COVID-19 coronavirus were confirmed in Ukraine as of April 29, 250 people died, 1103 recovered.

Earlier, the Cabinet of Ministers introduced an emergency situation throughout Ukraine and extended quarantine until May 11.