Entrepreneurs near Cabinet of Ministers demand permission for small businesses to work on May 1 (PHOTO) 04/29/2020 15:05:41. Total views 781. Views today — 0.

Several dozen entrepreneurs are picketing the building of the Cabinet of Ministers in Kyiv, demanding that quarantine be completed on May 1. This is reported by Delovaya Stolitsa.

The protest rally began around 09.00. The protesters assure that they are losing their jobs because of quarantine. The participants demanded that quarantine be completed on May 1 and "the opportunity for small businesses to feed their families". The people arrived by cars, having blocked the passage along the Hrushevsky Street.

After tow trucks arrived, a cross-talk occurred between the protesters and the police, which turned into a brawl", - Strana.ua reported.

The protesters are outraged that they and their enterprises are under quarantine, but organizations such as Epicenter, Citrus, McDonalds and others are working.

The protesters began to free the carriageway After a short confrontation, the protesters began to independently release the carriageway, but the rally near the Cabinet of Ministers continues.

As previously reported, a decision to resume the work of 282 markets from May 1 "in compliance with sanitary standards" can be made at the government meeting today.