"DNR" recognizes 32 infected with COVID-19. Donetsk hospital placed in quarantine 04/17/2020 13:02:31. Total views 843. Views today — 0.

Another six new cases of coronavirus infection were recognized by occupation authorities of the "DNR". The new "official" data was made public by the so-called "Ministry of Health".

"According to the research conducted on April 16, six more cases of COVID-19 were detected", - the fake agency reported.

Based on the latest data, 32 cases of the infection were registered in the "DNR".

The report of the "Ministry of Health" notes that "there are two doctors among the infected, as well as people who visited surgical department No. 2 of the Donetsk city hospital No.16".

Quarantine-preventive measures are currently being carried out at the hospital, it works only for reception of urgent patients, all the elective patients will be redirected to other healthcare facilities.

As previously reported, occupation authorities of the "DNR" opened a criminal case against a doctor who became a source of mass infection with COVID-19.