"DNR" recognizes one more case of coronavirus. Infected just arrived with her husband and child from Moscow 04/02/2020 13:56:29. Total views 810. Views today — 0.

The second case of the COVID-19 disease in the so-called "DNR" was detected yesterday. This was reported by the fake "Ministry of Health".

It was reported that the second infected in the "republic" was child of a local resident whom was detected coronavirus the day before.

The Ministry of Health assures that the disease of the woman and her child "is early-stage, they are in a separate box in the department of infectious disease, receiving the necessary treatment".

"The condition of the rest of the family members who are under the supervision of doctors in the infectious diseases department is satisfactory, their body temperature is normal, they have no complaints. The tests for COVID-19, conducted on April 1, 2020 are negative for everyone", - the "Ministry of Health" convinces.

The report recalls that the first case of infection with a new coronavirus infection was recorded in CADO on March 31. A resident who arrived from Moscow with her husband and little son on March 19 was detected the disease. The authorities of the "DNR" reported the fact that the infected came from Moscow only on April 1.

As reported, authorities of the so-called "DNR" lied about the absence of COVID-19 infected in the occupied territories.