"DNR/LNR" occupiers not to launch DFS until Ukraine recognizes them as subject of negotiations - MP 03/27/2020 13:06:33. Total views 685. Views today — 2.

Occupation authorities of the "DNR/LNR" refuse to resume the work of the Donetsk Filtration Station (DFS) until their recognition as subject of the direct negotiations with Ukraine. MP Musa Magomedov wrote this in his Telegram Channel.

"Bad news. There will be no water (in Avdiivka - OstroV) today. Representatives of CADLO issue an ultimatum - constructive proposals on the DFS will be only in exchange for being recognized as subjects of negotiations. People have become, in fact, hostages", - the People's Deputy noted.

As previously reported, the Donetsk filtration station stopped working on Thursday, March 26. Magomedov stated that the "DNR" refused to accompany the workers of the filtration station, providing them no guarantee of security. As a result of DFS stopping, the water supply to Avdiivka, the villages of Verkhniotoretske and Vasylivka was completely stopped. Water supply to occupied Donetsk was reduced by 30% (Kuibyshevskyi, Kirovskyi, Petrovskyi, part of the Leninskyi and Kyivskyi districts).