"Marshall Plan" for Ukraine is being worked out thoroughly in Europe - member of the Bundestag 02/29/2016 22:11:35. Total views 1163. Views today — 0.

A new strategy for the stabilization and development of Ukraine is being worked on in Germany. It was stated by Bundestag deputy, head of the German-Ukrainian parliamentary group in the Bundestag Karl-Georg Welman in an interview to Segodnya.

"We are working on a new strategy for the stabilization and development of Ukraine together with the Ukrainians. With bigger financial and political efforts. It is something new and will be as a complement to the Association Agreement," – said Welman.

According to him, the new strategy is still in development without being a part of the official policy.

"It is an idea of ​​ thorough "Marshall Plan" for economic recovery, management and judiciary. If this "Marshall plan" ever starts to work, then only under the full control and monitoring (by Germany - ed). Europe is the destiny of Ukraine," - he stressed.

Welman added that for that Ukraine should "do its homework". "For example, as the did Poles after the signing of the Association Agreement with the EU more than 20 years ago," - he added.

The Marshall Plan is a programme of aid to Europe after World War II. It was proposed in 1947 by the American Secretary of State George C. Marshall and came into effect in April 1948. The implementation of the plan involved 17 European countries, including West Germany.