Coronavirus quarantine in Donetsk oblast: how checkpoints will work 03/12/2020 17:04:12. Total views 744. Views today — 0.

Limited measures introduced in the Donetsk oblast because of coronavirus till April 3 will not affect the operation of entry and exit checkpoints on the demarcation line. This was announced by head of the Donetsk border detachment Anatoliy Fedorchuk during a briefing in Kramatorsk on March 12.

"All entry and exit checkpoints will operate as usual. Non-governmental organizations that provide medical care, as well as resuscitation vehicles with medical personnel are on duty at four checkpoints. From today, temperature screening is being introduced not only for citizens crossing the border line, but also for personnel of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine. The plan of action was developed jointly with units of the Ministry of Health and it is being implemented", - Anatoliy Fedorchuk said.

It was earlier reported that there were temporary restrictions at checkpoints on crossing the demarcation line from March 7 due to the possible spread of ARVI cases in the temporarily occupied territories, caused by coronavirus.

According to the decision of command of the Joint Forces, all persons crossing the checkpoints must undergo inspection and temperature screening. If signs similar to the symptoms of the Chinese virus are detected, citizens from the controlled territories will be delivered to specialized medical facilities.

At the same time, in the event of suspected coronavirus, residents of CADLO will be denied crossing the existing road corridors.

During introduction of the restricted regime at checkpoints, border guards checked over 220 thousand people. According to the results of temperature screening, not a single suspicion of coronavirus was recorded.