Payments to be stopped for "LNR" pensioners who do not appear in "pension fund" 02/28/2020 13:56:45. Total views 660. Views today — 0.

Pensioners in the "LNR", who have not passed the data update, will not receive their pension from August 1. This was stated at a briefing by chairman of the so-called "pension fund of the republic" Tatyana Vasilyeva, - separatist media report.

According to her, updating the data of pension recipients takes place in the "LNR" from February 1 to June 30.

"After June 30, we will individually notify people who have not passed the update by name to their personal address that they need to come to us by July 25. If such work is not carried out for individuals, from August 1, payment will be suspended until we do not see a pensioner", - Vasilyeva noted.