"Cold De-Occupation Strategy". Voice presents plan for return of Donbass and Crimea 02/27/2020 16:27:09. Total views 896. Views today — 1.

Head of the Voice parliamentary faction Serhiy Rakhmanin presented a plan for the de-occupation of Donbass and Crimea, called the "Cold De-Occupation Strategy", in Kyiv today, - correspondent of OstroV reports.

"The first stage is a long-term ceasefire… We insist that a long-term ceasefire on the entire front line for at least 6 months is a prerequisite for any further steps", - he stated.

According to him, Ukraine has no right to do anything until "we are convinced of the ability of the opposite party to adhere to this basic requirement".

"The next step is creation of a demilitarized zone and involvement of an international police mission. You cannot achieve a lasting ceasefire without creating a certain zone - a demilitarized zone (security zone, buffer zone, - call it whatever you want). They are trying to create this today with the help of the grey zone, but it does not work", - the people's deputy told.

He explained that this could be a 2.5 km wide zone, where "there are only international observers".

"This should be the OSCE police mission with an appropriate mandate, which should monitor the process of observing the regime of existence of the demilitarized zone… This stage should last at least 1 year", - Rakhmanin said.

The third stage, he said, is the beginning of the disarmament process, which is possible only after creating such security conditions that allow to agree on this.

"This process lasts for at least a year and takes place under the control of the police mission", - he said.

At the next (fourth) stage, conditions for de-occupation are created.

"The issue of creating and implementing the International Provisional Administration – a structure that temporarily manages the territories during the transitional period, is being approved…", - the deputy from Voice explained.

Introduction of the International Provisional Administration and start of the de-occupation process should be the fifth step.

"The International Provisional Administration is a temporary body that governs the territories until the end of the occupation and consists of military and civilians. It is important this to be a mission under the auspices of the UN, but it may be the OSCE mission", - Rakhmanin informed.

According to him, complete disarmament, disbandment of the illegal armed formations and dismantling of quasi-structures of the occupation regime should occur during this period.

The next stage is completion of the de-occupation process and beginning of the reintegration of Donbass. According to Serhiy Rakhmanin, "there should not be any remnants of the occupied regime" at this stage. In addition, the International Provisional Administration will have to transfer control of the territories to the Ukrainian provisional administrations, and the international police mission should transfer control of the border to the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine.

"At this stage, it is important to provide for the return of a large part of the population, internally displaced people who, due to the pressure of the war, left their hometowns, but want to return", - he reported.

It will be possible to hold elections in the liberated territories at the seventh stage.

"From our point of view, holding of national elections in these territories, when delegates from these territories will be represented in the highest legislative body, should be the final chord, complete completion of the reintegration of Donbass. When delegates from these territories take their seats in the Verkhovna Rada, only then we can consider this process to be fully completed… Local elections can be held earlier", - he stated.

He emphasized that there should not be any special laws ("on the special status") that would distinguish Donbass from other regions of Ukraine.

And the final stage is beginning of final restoration of the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine, that is, return of the Crimea. According to Serhiy Rakhmanin, a new international platform should appear for this.