"The authorities were taken under control by "polite people". Militant admits that "Crimean spring" was made by Russian weapons 02/24/2020 16:25:42. Total views 702. Views today — 0.

Russia's annexation of the Crimea was not the result of choice of the residents of the peninsula, since all the events of February-March 2014 took place under the control of the armed forces of the Russian Federation. This was told by active participant in the seizure of the Crimea, nicknamed Trifon, who calls himself former lieutenant colonel of the reserve of the power structures of Ukraine, citizen of the Russian Federation and lieutenant colonel of the "DNR" reserve, in an interview with one of the separatist websites.

Talking about the seizure of airport in Simferopol, he admits that the role of the so-called "Self-Defense of Crimea" was purely decorative, and the Russian troops played a decisive role.

"We approached the airfield, entered its territory and runway. We put metal barrels and tires on the runway. We lit the barrels. The main goal was to prevent the plane with the Ukrainian security forces from landing", - Trifon tells.

According to him, their actions could easily be suppressed by officers of the linear police department, who tried to detain people who entered the security facility.

However, "a column with "green men"entered the airfield at this time... and "polite people" took control of the territory and placed snipers around the perimeter", - the militant admits.

He specified that by that time, "Russian equipment had already entered Simferopol, all authorities and security forces were taken under control by "polite people".