Ukraine is working on new version of Minsk agreements - Prystaiko 02/21/2020 12:19:11. Total views 942. Views today — 0.

Ukraine is working on a new version of the Minsk Agreements, since some points of the previous version cannot be implemented. This was announced by Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Vadym Prystaiko on the eve of discussion of the situation in eastern Ukraine at the UN General Assembly, - the Voice of America reports.

According to the minister, the ongoing war indicates the need to amend the Minsk agreements, which have become obsolete.

The Minister emphasized that the agreements should be implemented as early as 2015. "Now 2020 – we still have not reached peace. Therefore, we believe that this document is not just possible, but necessary to change, because some of its points are impossible to implement", - the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine summed up.

Prystaiko noted that Ukraine is already working on a new version of the Minsk agreements, although Russia publicly opposes the introduction of amendments to them.

The minister reported that the Ukrainian party is now working to force all the participants to agree that "the Minsk agreements have become obsolete and require change".

The Ukrainian minister acknowledged the fact that that some changes to the Minsk agreements have already been made, in particular, "the Steinmeier formula and the separation of forces", and stressed that Russia did not object to these actions.

According to Prystaiko, a new document will be developed down the line, that will be easier to implement and achieve results.