"LNR" admits that militants fire hiding behind civilians. Trying to make excuses (VIDEO) 02/18/2020 16:22:39. Total views 1238. Views today — 0.

The "LNR" military propagandist Andrey Marochko has posted a video that clearly indicates that the militants are firing at the AFU positions hiding behind civilians.

The video clearly shows that missiles fired by the terrorists fly over residential and household buildings.

After the video recognition posted by Comrade Marochko began to be actively commented, the "LNR" propagandist started to weasel his way out, trying to disavow the fact of the forbidden method of warfare made public by him.

According to him, civilians, near whose houses the militants deploy their artillery, "do not want to evacuate on principle".

"In such a situation, - the militant continues, - our servicemen should have deployed observation points on the heights".

Marochko says that this refers to the deployment of observation points in residential areas, but the video shows that rocket artillery fired from the same hills, hiding behind civilians

As another argument why it is necessary to protect the civilian population by putting it at risk of being on the line of fire, the "LNR" propagandist makes a statement that otherwise, the soldiers of the Joint Forces "would go into the houses and slaughter our citizens like cattle…".

As previously reported, not a single case of reprisal against civilians on the part of AFU was recorded during six years of the armed conflict in the Donbass.