Relatives of Heavenly Hundred Heroes points leadership of Ukraine to signs of anti-Maidan revenge 02/10/2020 14:31:09. Total views 1144. Views today — 0.

Representatives of the Heavenly Hundred families have turned to the leadership of Ukraine in connection with the signs of anti-Maidan revenge, which they see in the statements and actions of representatives of the Yanukovych regime. The statement is posted on the Facebook page of the Heavenly Hundred Families non-governmental organization.

"Representatives of the former Berkut and the criminal regime of Yanukovych are not only not embarrassed by the deed, but are trying to demand the Ukrainian authorities to review the law and conduct an investigation against the participants of the Revolution of Dignity. Figures of the Yanukovych regime flaunt impunity, allow themselves threats against the Maidan's participants. The theses created by Russian propaganda about the "coup" and the "civil war" are heard in the Ukrainian information space more often; the Ukrainian language, culture and history are oppressed", - the appeal says.

Relatives of the Heavenly Hundred Heroes accused the current government of inaction.

"There was an appeal dated January 24 of this year (registered with the State Security Bureau under No. 1843-20 of January 24, 2020) without any reaction from the authorities, in which we asked for the organization of meeting of the state leadership with representatives of the Heavenly Hundred families, victims and participants of the Revolution of Dignity. We hoped to discuss and hear a position on our requirements and issues at this meeting", - the families' representatives noted.

They also wanted to raise the question of legality of the appointment of Iryna Venediktova the SBI director ad interim, and the immediate cancellation of the order to appoint Oleksandr Babikov first deputy director of the SBI.

As previously reported, prosecutors who had been involved in the Maidan affairs for several years were expelled from the trial.