Israel surprised by Zelensky's refusal to participate in Holocaust Forum for the sake of "elderly Jews" 01/23/2020 16:23:07. Total views 926. Views today — 0.

The refusal of President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky to take part in the World Holocaust Forum, voiced on the day of the event, is bewildering. This is stated in the report of the press service of the Yad Vashem memorial complex, - Russian media write.

As previously reported, Volodymyr Zelensky announced that he and the Ukrainian delegation would not go to the main event of the Forum, giving their places to Ukraine-born people who survived the Holocaust. The president assured that he would take part in all other scheduled events and would hold the scheduled meeting with the president, prime minister and speaker of the Knesset of Israel.

"This decision is puzzling, and it is unfortunate that such a step was made on the day of the event called "Remember the Holocaust, fight anti-Semitism", - Russian media quoted the press service of the Yad Vashem memorial complex.

"The President of Ukraine announced his refusal to participate in the ceremony this morning on the grounds that he was giving his place to survivors in the Holocaust. The President was explained that all the survivors who have approached us in recent days have received an answer to their requests, and that the museum does not have the opportunity to attract older people to participate in the ceremony at the last moment",- the organizers of the Forum explained.