Outflow of personnel and demotivation in army because of "just stop shooting" - volunteer 01/22/2020 17:49:14. Total views 736. Views today — 0.

The slogan "Just stop shooting" will not lead to the end of war in the Donbass, but it has already done great harm to the combat effectiveness of the AFU in the JFO zone. This opinion was expressed by manager of the Return Alive charitable foundation Andriy Rymaruk in an interview to Ukrayinska Pravda.

"The conflict in the east of Ukraine, whatever our guarantor may say, - is long-lasting, and it cannot be finished just by a few words and decisions "to stop shooting", - he stated.

Moreover, Rymaruk assures, the situation in the JFO area exacerbated after such statements.

"Unluckily, our military just bear the loss because of this decision. Just because we have to "stop shooting", - the volunteer is grieves.

He explained that the personnel of the combat units were literally drowned in all kinds of checks and investigations. "Constant commissions, they go, count the first aid kits… The military is forced to do the paper work, not the combat one…", - he resents.

"Now some commanders are engaged in paper-based sh*t, which the army does not need, instead of engaging in combat missions, reconnaissance, analyzing intelligence and exploring the enemy's capabilities in order to understand what kind of fire it can inflict", - the volunteer continued.

Rymaruk assures that such a distraction of troops from combat missions is connected with the declared by president Zelensky slogan: "Just stop shooting".

Some units laugh outright to this introductory - it has become a meme.

But the most destructive effect of "stop shooting" is on personnel potential in the JFO area. "This affects the outflow of personnel greatly. Now there is deplorable understaffing in some units. The units are completed by 50-60% instead of 100%. People lack motivation. There is an outflow of professional staff", - Andriy Rymaruk states.