Most acute situation at front is near Zolote after withdrawal of troops - volunteer 01/22/2020 16:14:58. Total views 830. Views today — 0.

The most acute situation at the front is in the Zolote area, where the troops' withdrawal took place. Such a statement was made by manager of the Return Alive charitable foundation Andriy Rymaruk in an interview to Ukrayinska Pravda.

According to him, "regular shelling takes place near the village of Zolote, Luhansk oblast, where we deployed the troops…, (as well as - OstroV) near the village of Orikhove, left of Zolote".

"We also see that (the military equipment of the terrorists - OstroV) works right of Zolote as well", - Andriy Rymaruk added.

According to him, the activation of the enemy is observed only in this area for now. "They are trying to get started fighting around the Zolote settlement", - the volunteer is sure.

He focused on the fact that the withdrawal of troops near Zolote led to an escalation of the situation in this sector instead of peace. "Nobody wants to lose their advantageous location and advantageous positions", - Andriy Rymaruk summed up.