Honcharuk addresses his opponents against the background of tapegate: "You will not scare us" 01/16/2020 13:02:28. Total views 721. Views today — 0.

Prime Minister of Ukraine Oleksiy Honcharuk has stated that the opponents of team of the current head of state would not be able to intimidate the government. Honcharuk reported this in the Telegram channel in response to a wiretap, released yesterday on the network, allegedly of the Cabinet of Minister's meeting, where a voice similar to the prime minister's sounds.

"From the very beginning, a lot of people have been working against the team of the president and the government to hinder us. To hinder Ukraine. I appeal to those who are fighting against us: you will not scare us! We will be more persistent in eradicating corruption and blocking flows. The main goal of our team's work is to reboot the country, break down the old system and build a new one, without tax fraud, tax evasion and "agreements". Our team works to make every Ukrainian feel real changes. The struggle continues and I am confident in our victory!", - Honcharuk noted.

He added that the exchange rate strengthened and increased to a 7-year maximum accumulation of international reserves, amounting to $25 billion today.

"The influx of foreign direct investment in the country rose to $25 billion. Inflation dropped sharply - to 4.1%. If this is not good news for the country, then I am a complete "layman in the economy!", - he reported.

As previously reported, a wiretap posted on the network, at which allegedly Prime Minister Oleksiy Honcharuk admits that he is not competent in economic matters and speaks dismissively towards President Volodymyr Zelensky, got buzz at a meeting of the Servant of the People faction in the evening of January 15. On this record, Honcharuk allegedly says that he is "a complete layman in the economy".

The press service of the Cabinet of Ministers stated that it has no information about the authenticity of any audio or video recordings that are being spread on the Internet.