Entrepreneurs in Ukraine begin to go underground - Opendatabot 01/13/2020 17:06:37. Total views 754. Views today — 0.

The number of entrepreneurs-individuals in the past year has decreased by 15% compared to 2018. This is reported by Openendabot.

"The result of 2019 - Ukrainians began to be afraid of becoming entrepreneurs and went underground. So, last year, Ukraine registered 15% less self-employed individuals than the previous year. The situation with registrations changed in April, almost immediately after the presidential election" - the report said.

It is noted that such dynamics is caused, first of all, by a number of decisions of the authorities, namely: the law on the cash register; the law amending the Tax Code regarding the unshadowing of settlements in the field of trade and services; the law on the collection and accounting of social security tax; the law on amendments to the Tax Code regarding the submission of unified reports on social security tax and personal income tax.

In total, 1876604 entrepreneurs were operating in Ukraine at the beginning of 2020.