Putin's adviser "regulates democracy" in unrecognized Abkhazia over phone: he dismisses "president" 01/13/2020 14:39:01. Total views 717. Views today — 0.

On January 12 and 13, adviser to the president of the Russian Federation Vladislav Surkov met with the so-called "opposition leaders of Abkhazia" in Sukhum and spoke with "president" Raul Khajimba on the phone, after which the latter resigned. This was reported on Telegram by political strategist of Surkov Alexey Chesnakov.

"V.Surkov met with opposition leaders A. Bzhania, R. Lolua and A. Kvitsinia in Sukhum on January 12 and 13. His consultations with Prime Minister of Abkhazia V. Bganba and mayor of Sukhum K. Kvarchia are also known. He spoke with R. Khajimba on the phone on Sunday. A meeting with him was not planned, since Khajimba had completely lost his influence on the situation since he left the administration building. There was no practical sense in meeting him. Shortly after this telephone conversation, Khajimba resigned", - the political strategist stated.

According to him, Putin's adviser "is satisfied with how the political crisis in the fraternal country was resolved".

"Surkov hopes that the practice of early ousting the presidents of Abkhazia from their posts will gradually stop as the maturity of Abkhaz democracy develops and attains", - Alexey Chesnakov stated.

Let us recall that after the protests, the court in unrecognized Abkhazia had canceled the results of the autumn "presidential" election.

As previously reported, the puppet "president" of the unrecognized "republic of Abkhazia" Raul Khadjimba had resigned.