Four suspects in seizure of police building in Mariupol in 2014 released from custody 12/26/2019 18:27:49. Total views 833. Views today — 0.

Four suspects in the case of seizure of the building of the Mariupol Main Internal Affairs Directorate were released from custody on personal commitments on May 9, 2014. The decision to change the preventive measure was made by the Zhovtnevyi district court of Mariupol today, December 26, - 0629 reports.

All four filed applications asking them to be included in the list of exchanges for Ukrainian citizens illegally detained in the CADLO prisons and on the territory of the Russian Federation.

The website recalls that a group of terrorists led by former policeman Nedavniy with the call sign "Mongoose" seized the building of the city police department on May 9, 2014, taking hostages. The operation to free the building was carried out by several power units, including those given by the police, the AFU, the Dnipro and the Azov battalions.

Their commanders were inside the captured building, resulting in the uncoordinated actions of the units, which played into the hands of the captors. The shootout killed 13 people.

Part of the captors changed clothes and managed to leave the cordoned off area without hindrance. Only four people were in the dock.

Detainees E.Druzhynin, A.Strelnikovich, V.Skripnik and V.Biriukov are charged with premeditated murder, creation of a terrorist group and possession of weapons. They behaved defiantly at rare court hearings, put on St. George ribbons.

The mother of deceased policeman Mikhail Yermolenko spoke against the exchange today in court. She demanded that the court complete the investigation. She accused the court of deliberately delaying the trial (there was no trial for the "Mongoose gang" at least during 2017 and half of 2018).