Thursday results in the occupied territories of Donbass. The highlights 12/13/2019 11:00:00. Total views 743. Views today — 0.

In the area of the Joint Forces Operation on December 12, the armed forces of the Russian Federation violated the ceasefire 5 times, - the JFO headquarters reported. The enemy fired at the positions of our units from the IFV-1 main guns, grenade launchers of various systems, heavy machine guns and other small arms. Losses among the Joint Forces troops were not recorded as a result of shelling.

Two columns of the so-called Russian "humanitarian convoy" followed to enter Ukraine through the Russian checkpoints "Matveyev Kurgan" and "Donetsk". This was reported by the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine. The 95th "humconvoy" consisted of 28 cars. Its movement, like of the previous ones, occurred with a gross violation of the norms of international and domestic legislation and modalities agreed with the International Committee of the Red Cross. The Ukrainian interagency group carried out only visual observation without performing the control functions. The trucks allegedly transported baby food, equipment and medicines. However, given the fact that the cargo was transported in closed packages, the Ukrainian group of border guards and customs officers failed to obtain true information about its content, nature and nomenclature. In addition, the average vehicle load was about 75%.

The International Committee of the Red Cross sent four trucks with humanitarian aid to the uncontrolled territory of Donbass, - the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine reported. "Industrial goods and medical supplies with a total weight of 23.95 tons were sent to residents of Donbass", - the report said.

A man died at the entrance to the Stanytsia Luhanska checkpoint. This was reported by the monitors of the Sievierodonetsk office of the Right to Protection Charitable Foundation. "A man born in 1963 was heading towards a territory not controlled by the government of Ukraine. Medical workers found him under cover for waiting at the entrance to the checkpoint from the territory controlled by the government of Ukraine. The death occurred on December 12 at around 11:00", - the report said.

The Luhanskvoda enterprise controlled by the "LNR" militants cut off the water supply to three territories of the occupied Luhansk region due to an accident, separatist media reported. "Due to the accident at the Novosvitlovska pumping station on December 12, the water supply was forcedly stopped from 12.00 to the cities of Sverdlovsk and Molodohvardiysk, as well as to the residents of the Krasnodonsky district", - the report said.

A resident of the village of Dubivsky of the occupied Luhansk region was taken to the hospital of occupied Antratsyt by an ambulance with a diagnosis of "cold injury of the toes of both feet". This was reported by the so-called "Ministry of Emergency Situations of the LNR". The man suffers from alcohol addiction, he stayed in an unheated room for a long time. He was found by the neighbors, lying near the house. Now the patient is prepared for amputation of the fingers.