AFU regained a full control over Shirokino. Militants mined village completely 02/25/2016 15:31:08. Total views 1232. Views today — 0.

Ukrainian military regained a full control over Shirokino, Donetsk region. This was stated by the press officer of the sector "M" Alexander Kindsfater on the air of 112 Ukraina TV channel.

"Yes, a few days ago, the militants completely abandoned their part (of the village - OstroV). Our units took the town under their control," - he confirmed.

According to him, they are currently demining areas and eliminating explosive objects.

"Before leaving militants mined almost every house, left tens of trip wire, mines, traps. The aim of the terrorists, apparently, is to cause maximum damage to the Ukrainian army soldiers and civilians, who want to return to their homes," - he said.

Kindsfater suggested that in this way militants were preparing a large-scale terrorist attack.

"Our mine pickers are now conducting checks of territories and buildings. They identify places where mines and unexploded ordnance remained," - said the press officer.