Novotroyetskoye checkpoint suspended termporarily its work due to shelling 02/24/2016 21:31:07. Total views 1084. Views today — 1.

The movement of vehicles through Novotroitskoye checkpoint is blocked due to shelling, - reports the Donbass SOS.

"At the moment, the movement of cars in direction of Mariupol is suspended because of the shelling in the area of the Novotroitskoyecheckpoint. All vehicles were directed to Perlyna," - said the statement.

Eyewitnesses also report on other queues in the area of other checkpoints.

It is noted that in the direction of Bakhmut (Artemovsk) the queue is about a kilometer, the movement is slow. In the direction of Gorlovka is up to a kilometer. At the self-proclaimed "DPR" post in Gorlovka in the direction Bakhmut (Artemovsk) the queue is around 100 cars, it doesn’t move.

In Kurakhovo direction towards Donetsk the queue is about 700 meters - the movement is slow, toward Kurakhovo - more than a kilometer.

In terms of Pishchevik and Oktyabrsk checkpoints there are no queues.

According to the State Border Guard Service, the longest queue was observed at Maryenka checkpoint this morning.

"Today in the morning there were 200 cars to enter and 130 to leave to cross the boundary line before at the Maryenka checkpoint. There were 150 cars to enter and leave at the Zaytsevo checkpoint. There were 70 cars to enter and 40 to leave at the Novotroitskoye checkpoint. There is no queue at Gnutovo," - noted the State Border Service.