OSCE may take on function of delivering pensions to CADLO - head of Donetsk regional сivil-military administration 11/29/2019 13:23:03. Total views 823. Views today — 5.

The OSCE may take on the function of delivering pensions to the occupied territories of Donbass, but this requires legislative changes. This was stated by chairman of the Donetsk regional administration Pavlo Kyrylenko on the air of off-site studio of Ukrainian radio at the forum "Effective local government as guarantee of democratic and legal state" in Kramatorsk.

He noted that mobile pension payment centers operate in the territory of Donetsk region controlled by the Ukrainian authorities.

"There is a clear procedure in which case a person can receive pensions - crossing the demarcation line, confirming passport data, a person is identified - the payments are made. There are problems that have been voiced repeatedly - how to deal with receiving pensions by those who are, in fact, physically cannot cross. These questions were posed. There were proposals from the regional state administrations on the involvement of the OSCE experts, documenting that those who cannot cross the demarcation line physically, but they really exist, have the right to receive pensions, so that international organizations help us to receive documents in those territories and transfer them to the Pension Fund", - the head of the Donetsk Regional State Administration said.

In his opinion, the OSCE can take on the function of delivering pensions to the occupied territories.

"This is being worked out. changes in the legislation are required to do this. Now the legislation acts so that a person must be personally identified. If a power of attorney is provided from him/her, then it must be provided on Ukrainian territory by a Ukrainian notary public (private or state-owned), but according to the requirements of Ukrainian legislation", - Pavlo Kyrylenko said.

Bill No. 2083-d was registered in the parliament regarding the payment of pensions to residents of the temporarily occupied territories. These are citizens who are not registered as internally displaced persons.