Wives of miners of occupied Donbass complain to Putin about looter Pushilin 11/27/2019 18:51:27. Total views 990. Views today — 0.

The committee of the miners' wives of the so-called "DNR" has wrote a letter to Russian President Vladimir Putin, accusing leader of the "republic" Denis Pushilin of looting. A letter to Putin from the miners' wives was posted on the website of the Office of the President of the Russian Federation on citizens' appeals.

The women complained to Putin that their husbands were not paid a salary of two to three months, claiming that "the men produce no less coal than before the war".

"But everything, coal and other riches of the "DNR" are taken out by looters of ZAO Vneshtorgservis. Representatives of the interests of looters from Vneshtorgservis, head Denis Pushilin, Minister of Coal Dubovskoy and other officials start telling our men tales about the severity of martial law, and they themselves are growing fat and getting richer every day", - the message said.

In the letter, the miners' wives called Vneshtorgservis not only looters, but also "an organized criminal group, because of which more than 10 thousand miner families turned out to be on the verge of starvation".

"Our men did not receive salaries for two months or more", - the women write to Putin, noting that millions of tons of coal mined by their husbands "were taken out by marauders from the territory of the "DNR" without payment".

"Our men work in very difficult labor conditions, which, in turn, sometimes leads to illness, especially in the absence of proper nutrition. But contrary to the collective agreement, labor code and common sense, these gang do not even pay for sick lists of our men, giving a less paid job as a punishment. Not a single mine has been modernized since the proclamation of the "republic", although 11 new lavas were opened at our mines only this year. Our husbands are forced to work using a worn-out equipment, risking their lives. These people do not care how many miners die and get injured", - the miners' wives wrote.

"Dear Mr. Putin! We ask you to show your influence and, if necessary, to involve the Investigative Committee in order to restore order and finally force the marauders to pay wage arrears to our men. We have already addressed Pushilin and "minister" Dubovskiy, but we were not repaid the debts", - the letter the president of the Russian Federation said.

As previously reported, the leader of the so-called "DNR" once again told miners sitting without a salary that there was no arrear.