Trade unions, farmers and entrepreneurs begin to prepare a general strike in Ukraine 11/15/2019 17:26:07. Total views 751. Views today — 0.

Trade unions and a number of other organizations have announced the start of preparations for the all-Ukrainian strike. This was reported by Interfax-Ukraine.

Reportedly, the organizers decided to hold a nationwide strike in connection with discrimination of human rights and declared by the authorities: the total depreciation of labor relations, nationalization of the social insurance system, elimination of the simplified tax system, bookkeeping and accounting, total fiscalization and pressure on self-employed persons, as well as opening of the land market without the decision of the All-Ukrainian referendum.

A strike committee has been created at the national level for the first time in the history of Ukraine. The strike was joined by trade unions, self-employed persons, small and medium-sized business, agricultural producers and farmers. In general, these movements cover about 20 million Ukrainians.

The Federation of Trade Unions of Ukraine, the Enterprise Protection Union All-Ukrainian non-governmental organization, the Agrarian Union of Ukraine and the Association of Farmers and Private Landowners of Ukraine stated the creation of the "FOR THE FUTURE!" nationwide strike committee.

As previously reported, trade unions protested in Kyiv against unfair salaries and rise in prices.