"DNR" leader orders to suspend operation of Kalynovska-Skhidna mine due to strange shocks of earthquake 11/08/2019 15:55:16. Total views 780. Views today — 0.

Leader of the "DNR" Denis Pushilin has given the order to suspend operation of the Kalynovska-Skhidna mine, in the zone of activity of which shocks of earthquake are recorded in occupied Makiivka. This is reported by separatist media.

Residents of Obyednanyi settlement complain of strong shocks of earthquake of unknown nature for several months. It is also reported that the houses in the settlement are damaged – the walls cracked, the covering collapsed in some places. A working group was created to clarify the nature of the underground vibrations, which so far cannot explain anything.

"I gave the order to suspend the Kalynovska-Skhidna mine, in the area of ​​activity of which shocks of earthquake are recorded", – Pushilin stated.

The so-called "Ministry of Emergency Situation" was instructed to conduct a "thorough seismological study of the terrain to determine the epicenter of the shocks".

"Head" of the occupation administration of the city Sergey Goloshchapov previously stated that the miners were not involved in the shocks of earthquake. "The sections of Obyednanyi settlement in Makiivka, where people complain of shocks of earthquake, and the map of the Kalynovska-Skhidna mine do not coincide even partially", – Holoshchapov said.