Servant of the People specifies: rectors, physicians in chief and theater-goers from "DNR/LNR" can be taken to its team 11/07/2019 13:15:22. Total views 866. Views today — 0.

The Servant of the People party has stated that the media misinterpreted the words of its party member Maksym Tkachenko about people who are now in CADLO and who may remain leaders under the restored Ukrainian government. This is said in the statement of Servant of the People on the official Facebook page.

"Some media misinterpreted his words, having called representatives of the so-called "LNR/DNR" experts. In fact, Maksym Tkachenko clearly notes: "According to the results of this choice, the current heads of hospitals, schools, universities and theatres of Luhansk, Donetsk and other cities that did not take any part in illegal actions, but remained in that territory as hostages of circumstance, may be in the new Ukrainian Luhansk and Donetsk local authorities", - the statement said.

Also, Tkachenko noted on his Facebook that in the temporarily occupied territories of Luhansk and Donetsk oblast, "sooner or later, elections will be held according to the laws of Ukraine with the participation of international organizations and our fellow countrymen, citizens of Ukraine living in the uncontrolled part and internally displaced persons, who will return home, make their choice".

"Therefore, I ask you not to divide the country, but to unite it – because this is our chance to free the territory of Ukraine from the aggressor. THERE WILL BE NO TREASON! Glory to Ukraine!!!", - Tkachenko wrote.

As previously reported, people's deputy (Servant of the People faction), adviser to the NSDC Secretary Maksym Tkachenko stated on the air of Radio Liberty on November 4 that some officials of the "DNR/LNR" occupation regime may remain in the government, if Ukrainian jurisdiction returns. "It seems to me that there are still professional people in power now on the other side. Anyway, there are people with common sense, honest and nice people, who want peace, want the territories to be returned. But they remain there for various reasons. We know many of them. I do not exclude that some of them may remain in the team of the new government", - M.Tkachenko told.