PrivatBank and Co. Zelensky states that Ukrainian banks will not be returned to their previous owners 10/29/2019 15:11:53. Total views 733. Views today — 0.

Ukrainian banks will not be returned to their previous owners. This was stated today by President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky at the international investment forum RE: THINK in Mariupol.

"We are not in a simple position. But we are Apple, which begins its journey in the garage… We have a heavy burden. Ending the war and returning territories is the main task. This can be done only via diplomatic means", - he noted.

The President voiced the priority tasks of the authorities.

"I will start with the top priority - equal rules for everyone - Ukrainian and international business. Only fair competition allows us to build a prosperous economy", - he said, having explained that the main thing is to fight the corruption.

According to him, losses in the financial crisis amount to $15 billion during the crisis, more than 100 banks were withdrawn from the Ukrainian market.

"I will protect only the interests of the state of Ukraine. The interests of every Ukrainian. All these problems should not be solved at the expense of tax payers. I want to appeal to everyone who spreads rumors that someone from the president's team wants to return the banks to the former owners. No, it is not true", - he said.

As previously reported, ex-owner of Privatbank Ihor Kolomoyskyi was trying to regain his financial institution through the court. A number of politicians and economists state that the president of Ukraine and his entourage are on the side of the oligarch in this process.