Communications tower of illegal Phoenix mobile operator blew up in occupied Donetsk – social networks 10/28/2019 13:06:01. Total views 853. Views today — 0.

Communications tower of the illegal Phoenix mobile operator was blown up in occupied Donetsk. This is reported in Telegram by one of the separatist channels.

"According to our information, as a result of sabotage (explosion) in the Proletarskyi district of Donetsk, the communications tower of the Phoenix operator has been damaged", - the message said.

Later, the "DNR" propagandist Daniil Bezsonov duplicated the message of the anonymous "telegraph operator". "The enemy committed sabotage attack at about 10 a.m. in the Proletarskyi district of Donetsk, - one of the Phoenix cell towers was blown up. There are no civilian casualties. Law enforcement agencies are working at the scene of the accident", - the collaborator wrote.

The fake "Ministry of Communications" warned residents of Donetsk that as a result of the undermining of the base station, mobile services of the "Phoenix subscribers" in the Proletarskyi district of Donetsk could degrade".

The Phoenix mobile operator was created by the occupation authorities of the "DNR" on the basis of looted equipment of the Kyivstar and Life Ukrainian companies. It has limited functionality and is prone to frequent accidents. Quite often, problems with poorly running Phoenix equipment are attributed by the occupiers to the intrigues of Ukrainian sabotage-reconnaissance groups.