Putin's assistant Surkov and "information war expert" arrive in Donetsk – social networks 10/25/2019 16:03:04. Total views 1137. Views today — 0.

Assistant to the President of Russia Vladislav Surkov has secretly arrived in Donetsk. This was reported by anonymous authors in social networks.

"Guests from Moscow have come to Donetsk again. Information has leaked that Vladislav Surkov is in the republic. Expert on information wars, career intelligence official, member of the scientific council under the Security Council of the Russian Federation Andrey Manoylo, known in certain circles, came to the "DNR" too", - one of the posts said.

Allegedly, "Manoylo held private lectures on the strategy and tactics of information wars in Donetsk and Yenakiieve".

"It is still unclear whom Vladislav Surkov met with, except for the head of the "DNR", - the report said.

Calling himself "deputy of the People's Council of the "DNR" Vladislav Berdichevskiy indirectly confirms information about Vladislav Surkov's presence in the occupied Donbass. "Judging by the fact that apart from the information about the visit to the "DNR" of Vladislav Surkov, nothing else leaked out - there were no hidden lovers of Ukraine among those present at the meetings. And that is good", - the collaborator wrote.

Russian mercenary Alexander Zhuchkovskiy calls not to see any sensation in the secret visit of the Kremlin curator of the war. "I remember earlier, news like "Surkov is in the DNR!" And other news about the highest persons from Moscow, excited the minds and produced a lot of rumors and conspiracy theories. Now this is completely mundane information. Even the opposition telegram channels were noted rather sluggish response and quickly changed the subject. The "DNR" has long been regarded as one of the Russian regions, and the visits of all sorts of officials and deputies from the Russian Federation have become commonplace", - he wrote on his page in social network.