Office of president prepares several versions of law on special status of Donbass at once - source 10/25/2019 13:48:30. Total views 660. Views today — 0.

The office of the president is already drafting a new bill on the special status of Donbass. This information was confirmed to OstroV by several interlocutors in the president's team, - the article "Special status of Donbass from Zelensky: to be or not to be" says.

"The party (Servant of the People, - OstroV) not really understands how the situation with the Donbass will develop. On the one hand, everyone says that the Verkhovna Rada will develop a new law on the special status of Donbass. On the othe - no work is being done. At least, my colleagues and I are not aware of this. All we have is internal talk about the possible nuances and red lines that will be in this document. But again, it is too early to speak on all this without holding a summit in the Normandy format. This is starting to annoy many deputies of the Servant of the People. We have nothing to say to our voters on this topic, what is bad. We know that the President's Office has some ideas on the new law, but it does not show them to us stubbornly", - one of the people's deputies from the Servant of the People says on condition of anonymity.

"There are rumors inside the party that the President's Office has already developed several scenarios for resolving the crisis in the Donbass. Including several versions of the law on the special status of Donbass: from the most acceptable and winning for Ukraine to the one that will cause even greater mass protests", - he adds.

According to OstroV, the new law wants to abandon the total amnesty for "participants in events in the territory of Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts". Instead, they are ready to develop a completely new amnesty law.

The president's team is also not going to leave paragraphs on the "people's militia" from among local citizens and special procedure for appointing heads of prosecution bodies and courts.

Along with this, Zelensky is going to leave provisions on linguistic and cultural self-determination, socio-economic support for the region, add investment clauses and also lift the economic and transport blockade of the region.

Earlier, the president's team stated that they had not yet begun to develop a new law on the special status of Donbass.

"So far, the work on it (the new bill on the special status of Donbass, - OstroV) has not begun. I think this is right, since the beginning of work on bills, on the general framework of which we have not yet agreed with the Russians, can be perceived as that Ukraine will do it anyway and do whatever the Russian Federation wants. No, that is not so. We set clear security conditions for the continuation of the peace process, and the work on new bills that will allow to implement some of the Minsk agreements' provisions will take place only if progress is made in the peace negotiations", - MP from Servant of the People Bohdan Yaremenko stated.

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky stated that he would only know what the law on the special status of the occupied territories of Donbass would be after discussion with the Normandy Four and society.