IMF officially states that it will continue to work on new program with Ukraine 09/27/2019 12:24:27. Total views 877. Views today — 0.

The mission of the International Monetary Fund will continue to discuss a new three-year program under the expanded funding of Ukraine in the coming weeks. This is stated in a press release distributed by the IMF, - Liga.net writes.

The report notes that after the election, Ukraine gained the opportunity to promote the necessary reforms.

"The authorities have requested a new IMF support program to help them achieve these goals by providing an anchor for their economic policies and helping to meet funding needs in the coming years", - the report says.

The IMF reports that the mission has begun discussing a new three-year agreement, which can be supported as part of the extended facility of the Fund.

The mission experts held fruitful discussions on policy directions for the new program during two weeks. In particular, the fiscal and monetary, they also discussed key measures to reform the economy.

The IMF also emphasized the importance of central bank independence and financial stability, as well as the need to make every effort to minimize tax costs associated with the reorganization and liquidation of banks.

"Discussion of the new program will be continued in the coming weeks", - the report notes.

As previously reported, the IMF mission completed its work in Kyiv on September 26. Ukraine has not yet agreed on a new cooperation program with the International Monetary Fund. As one of the senior negotiators from the Ukrainian party told LIGA.net, the key result of the work was the formed "draft" (draft version, - ed.) of the memorandum for the new program.