Maryenka checkpoint in the ATO area resumed its work – State Border Service 02/22/2016 18:02:44. Total views 1132. Views today — 0.

Maryenka checkpoint on the demarcation line in Donetsk region has resumed work today. The website of the State Border Service informs about that.

"Maryenka checkpoint has resumed its work as of today, according to the decision of the ATO commanders," - said the statement.

Today in the morning 80 cars came to Maryenka checkpoint to enter and 70 to leave checkpoint. 150 cars came to Zaytsevo checkpoint to enter and 50 to leave. 60 cars were waiting to enter and 30 to leave in front of the Novotroitskoye checkpoint. There is no queue at Gnutovo checkpoint.

In addition, Zaytsevo checkpoint resumed its work as of February 20th to reduce social tension in this area.