Residents in danger zone evacuated in occupied Donetsk due to fire and explosions 09/25/2019 16:57:46. Total views 731. Views today — 0.

Local residents are being evacuated from houses adjacent to fire-damaged ammunition depots in occupied Donetsk.

As reported, explosions of ammunition began in the territory of the military unit of the "DNR" militants in the Kuibyshevskyi district at 6 o'clock on Wednesday. The occupation authorities did not name the reasons for the emergency for a long time, but in the end, they stated that the fire had arisen, allegedly due to the shelling by the AFU. It is significant that there were no reports of shelling in the area prior to the beginning of the explosions of ammunition.

Having not recognized the fact of fire in the military unit of the "DNR" illegal armed formation, the "official" propaganda voiced the version that allegedly, "the Zenit factory premises for the production of aluminum shapes, in which stockpiles of various chemical substances were placed, suffered because of the shelling".

"In connection with the current threat to the population, the employees of the "Ministry of Emergency Situations of the DNR" aevacuating citizens in the danger zone. Temporary accommodation points have been opened", - the fake Ministry of Emergencies of the "DNR" said in the report.

23 units of equipment and 93 people from the personnel are involved to eliminate the effects of fire and explosions of ammunition.