"I have nothing to add!" Head of National Police Serhiy Kniazev resigns 09/24/2019 19:00:56. Total views 668. Views today — 0.

Head of the National Police Serhiy Kniazev has resigned. He reported this at a briefing on Tuesday.

"I decided to resign. I just returned from the minister – I handed him a statement to relieve me from my post. I believe that this is a step of head of the European state police. The time has come", - the head of the NP stated.

Serhiy Kniazev stopped the briefing after these words and refused to answer questions from journalists about the reasons for his resignation. "I have nothing to add!", - He answered flatly.

As previously reported, information appeared on Monday that ex-wife of Serhiy Kniazev was detained on the Ukrainian-Polish border while trying to bring 650 thousand undeclared euros into the EU. The head of the NP called this information an information attack on him.