Pensions not to be paid to "returnees" to occupied territories without "LNR passport" 09/24/2019 18:16:07. Total views 739. Views today — 0.

Pensioners who returned to the occupied territory of Luhansk oblast will not be able to receive payments without obtaining the "LNR citizenship". This is stated on a temporary order for registration with the authorities of the "LNR Pension Fund" of persons who have arrived to the uncontrolled territory for permanent residence.

According to this document, pensioners who, for various reasons, went outside the "republic" for a long stay and who lost their pensions appointed by the occupation authorities, will be able to renew them only if they have the so-called "LNR" passport.

"For registration with the bodies of the LNR PF, these persons must present a passport document proving the identity of an individual living in the territory of Luhansk People's Republic ("LNR passport")", - the temporary order says.

The fake "pension fund" specified that those who went outside the "LNR" for permanent or temporary residence and, accordingly, received pension payments outside it, would not receive pensions without the "citizenship" of the non-existent "state".

The occupation authorities counted a little more than 10 thousand of such "returnees", "or two percent of the total contingent of pensioners of the "republic".

"It is not necessary to provide the "LNR passport" for pensioners permanently residing in the territory of the "LNR", who have not stopped receiving pensions", - the "pension fund" emphasized.