Zelensky's people believe that National Guard needs to be divided and one part personally subordinated to president 09/20/2019 13:25:02. Total views 822. Views today — 0.

The National Guard can be divided between the two ministries and the president. This was stated by head of the Office of the President Andriy Bohdan in an interview with BBC News Ukraine.

"The National Guard is a combination of different units. We believe that part of the National Guard can and should remain in the MIA. Part of the combat units participating in the military conflict in the East should be subordinated to the Ministry of Defence or the General Staff. And some units to the president", - Andriy Bohdan beliefs.

The media writes that the MIA states that such a divisionn "will ruin the National Guard". Therefore, against the backdrop of this situation, relations between Arsen Avakov and Bohdan, who is actually coordinating the reform of the security forces, escalated. Entourage of the Minister of the Interior speak of the incompetence of head of the Presidential Office.

Bohdan himself says that Avakov is "highly qualified and professional minister", but everyone should play by the same rules of the game.

"This issue has become more important, since the reform of the law enforcement system is not a repositioning, it is the development of rules of the game. To put a game in, we need to understand what we play in: chess, checkers or Chapaev. In this case, the question is not in the figures, but in the rules of the game", - he answered the question of whether Avakov managed to convince Zelensky.