150,000 fictitious forced migrants were deprived of their right to receive payments from the state budget last month – Yatsenyuk 02/22/2016 15:21:18. Total views 1098. Views today — 0.

The government unveiled a scheme of receiving payments from the state budget by fictitious forced migrants, 150 thousand people were deprived of the right to receive payment. It was stated by Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk on the air of the 10 minutes with the Prime Minister programme on Sunday evening, - reports Interfax-Ukraine.

"We suspended payments to about 150 thousand so-called displaced persons," - said A. Yatsenyuk.

The Prime Minister said that the whole scheme was built, when fraudsters received the documents of Ukrainian citizens, who do not live on the territory controlled by Ukraine and received "hundreds of millions of hryvnia" from the state budget in social security authorities on the ground of the fact that these people are registered as temporary forced migrants.

"I will not give opportunities to scammers to extract funds from the state budget and deprive the citizens of Ukraine the possibility to raise social standards at the expense pf funds that are washed from the state budget," - said A. Yatsenyuk.