West not to push Ukraine to hold election in CADLO until withdrawal of Russian troops - Volker 09/16/2019 10:56:15. Total views 687. Views today — 0.

In order to come to the implementation of the Steinmeier formula, Russia needs to withdraw its troops from the Donbass, special representative of the U.S. State Department for Ukraine Kurt Volker stated in an interview with TSN, - LIGA.net reports.

"I often communicate with my French and German colleagues and know that they do not see opportunities for local election in the environment that is still controlled by Russian forces. I do not see the scenario that Ukraine will be pushed to hold election when the territories remain occupied", - Volker said.

According to him, first of all, security should be established, and only after this, elections and other political steps that are required by the Minsk agreements are possible.

Stability, according to Volker, can be ensured by the introduction of peacekeepers.