Unmanned combat air vehicles with phosphorus grenades attacked the warehouses of the 93rd brigade in Donetsk region - General Staff 02/19/2016 21:02:17. Total views 1065. Views today — 0.

Logistic military facility of the 93rd mechanized brigade of the AFU near Gorlovka, Donetsk region was attacked by drones with phosphorous incendiary grenades, - reports the official website of the General Staff of Armed Forces of Ukraine on Facebook.

"UACVs attacked several times the warehouses of missile and artillery brigade weapons, dropping phosphorous incendiary grenades at night on January 18-19. Fire spots that occurred as a result of explosion were timely localized by forces of the standby group. Forces and means of air cover and the personnel of the duty staff were involved to repel the attack, but to destroy such small flying machines like "drones" is difficult. UACV is not detected reconnaissance radar,"- said the statement.

It is noted that the rise of unmanned airl combat vehicles and the adjustment of their work could be carried out from the territory controlled by Ukrainian law enforcement officers and located in Grodovka village.

"We continue search operations by forces and means of National Police. SSU is involved in the investigation of subversive," - noted the General Staff.